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Okcash Information

Algorithm N/A
Proof type PoW/PoS
Start date 24/11/2014
Coin Tag OK
Website OKCash

Information About Okcash

OKCash is a digital currency of Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency, which is more maintainable for long term, transparent with the coin holders and more Eco-friendly than usual Proof of work.

It is disperse currency and free from middle men’s interference. All its users are the real users and the real potential behind the network.All the nodes (digital wallets) are connected to each other.There is no Central authority or single point of failure like Master Nodes or other way of currency distribution.

Once the wallet is open, users can start getting the first stake around 24 hours later.These coins get mature and become ready-for- use after 69 confirmations in the network. A user can check in the wallet under the transactions tab.

How It works

It is simple to start dealing with OKCash because no technical knowledge is requires for the users. Once the wallet is installs on users’ computer/mobile, first OK address will be auto generates. A user may create more address whenever it is needs.  Users may disclose/share their addresses to their friends and business associate so that transactions can be initiates. It is almost like using information by using email although it addresses can be uses once only.

OKCash Trivia

OKCash users need to know a few before using this digital currency. It lets its users to exchange money in a different way than usual banks and financial institutions. It should be treates with the same care as a regular wallet, or even with better care in some cases. Here a few points need to be remembered:

  • A price is volatile,
  • The payments are irretrievable,
  • It is not anonymous,
  • Unconfirmed transactions of this coin aren’t secure
  • OKCash is not an official currency: it is a cryptocurrency and it is still in its experimental stage.

It allows all its users to plan new and resourceful online services that couldn’t exist before because of financial limitations of common currencies. Some of the innovative transactions on OKCash platform are tipping systems,low-trust escrow services, scattered crowd-funding services,automated payment solutions, time-locked payment management, public-asset tracking, micro-payment channels, staking pools, etc.


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