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Nexus Information

Algorithm SHA3
Proof type PoW/nPoS
Start date 19/06/2014
Coin Tag NXS
Website Nexus
1. Bittrex
2. Cryptopia

Information About Nexus

The founder of Nexus is Colin Cantrell. The current banking system where every dollar, euro, and ruble is regulates, track, tax and reports. It first caught your attention when you read the following quote from Colin: “You can’t ask people to boycott a system without offering something for them to use instead.”

Providing an alternative to today’s limited financial choices is what this coin project promises. It plans to give around the world access to a monetary store of value which cannot be control or compromises by those who feel they should have authority over your money. In addition, it will offer financial security to the billions of people around the world with access to cell phones, but no way to store or spend their money.

That sounds complicated. How will Nexus accomplish this? In simple way, their plan needs just two necessary components. First, there must be a completely secure unit of value, both today and in the foreseeable future, which can handle an almost unlimited number of transactions. Second, the source of this unit of value must exist where there is no regulation. Where Bitcoin, and every other cryptocurrency, fail to meet either of these requirements, addresses both. Therefore, this project is revolutionary in scope, yet takes benefit latest of technology already available today to create the necessary pieces.

Colin Cantrell, instead of confining Nexus to these boundaries and jumping right into project development in 2014. The spent months learning to think the way Satoshi thought.

Nexus Blockchain

Blockchain defined as a ‘peer to peer decentralized distributing network’. The Nexus Blockchain works in similar way others work. Miners are using processors to generate and place each new block at the end of the current chain. Blocks on the this chain are place in under 150 seconds, making transactions considerably faster than Bitcoin.

Another way Nexus improve the speed of transactions is by having a multi-threaded balanced messaging protocol, where Bitcoin is single-threaded.

It work as a multi-threaded system. Many transactions are processed at the same time using Nexus.

It is going to states one of the most frustrating aspects of cryptocurrency transfers. If you have attempted to transfer Bitcoin to an invalid address, or have accidentally sent it to the wrong address. It have the ability to require a sender and receiver signature. This means if you send your coin to an invalid address, it will not receive a signature, and will be sent back to you.

It also means if you realize you sent this coin to an incorrect address, you will have a definable period of time to cancel the transfer. Lastly, if you are on the receiving side and want to refuse a transfer, you will be able to return it.These are all simple ways Nexus is going to improve on the current Bitcoin parameters.

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