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3. Cryptopia

New digital currency platform often comes into existence with a lot of unique features and functionalities.

What is Nav Coin?

NAV Coin is the digital currency operates on two principles that are usability and privacy. To reach this, they have created the currency on the widely adopted Bitcoin core.

With elementary use and vigorous features, Nav Coin surely has the potential to succeed where other coins have not, and the development team carefully monitor to the little details to put this coin extremely attractive.

Nav Coin Amazing Features

The Nav Coin has all the features and advantages that this proven and tried-and-tested core brings to the table and the team makes one step further introducing new extra features that make this digital currency better than ever.

Nav Coin uses Proof Of Stake algorithms rather than using Proof Of Work algorithms favored by Bitcoin for its security system purposes. Therefore, this results that it does not require costly hardware to operate and transactions can be completed faster.

Supreme Usability

The upside of the Nav Coin is easy usability and functionality that it offers users. Henceforth, the team of developers is always active with the dedicated true visions, and updates are processed regularly.

Significantly, the factor that contributes to the usability of this coin is the fast, 30 sec transaction times, which is a strong feature to have in a raising digital currency platform.

Henceforth, the users can earn Nav coin currency by leaving their wallets in the staking mode.

Better Security

The main thing most of the user considers is privacy and anonymity as well as this coin has to light up with the perfect solutions for these problems.

The dual-blockchain security system provides it feasible for users to send and receive the digital currency with absolute anonymity, and embedded option available to use the popular and widely adopted Tor network for added privacy.

How to start with Nav Coin?

Easy-to-use Nav Coin Wallet can be downloaded from the website. The Electrum Wallet configured as easier and faster setup, while the Core Wallet configured with complete functionality. Both wallets are can be download on Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. Android phone users can also has option to download an integrated wallet.

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