Nautiluscoin Information

Nautiluscoin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof type PoS
Start date 29/05/2014
Coin Tag NAUT
1. Poloniex
2. Bittrex

Information About Nautiluscoin

Nautiluscoin was launch and its creates by Brian Kelly (BK_PHI). He is the founder and a managing member of the company Brian Kelly Capital LLC, which is a global macro investment firm for catering to high net worth individuals, and family offices and also institutions. Also, he is the creator of BKCM Indexes and benchmarks for the multi-asset money managers in the market.

He has more than 19 years’ investment experience trading in America and international equities, foreign currency, options, futures, metals and commodities. He has traded for many of the largest verge funds, pension funds and mutual funds. Prior to BKCM, he was co-founder and managing partner of the Shelter Harbor Capital LLC and achieved the Shelter Harbor Capital Global Macro Fund. He was also co-founder and president of MKM Partners, a brokerage firm catering to official investment managers.

Accordingly, Kelly is a CNBC contributor and can be seen frequently on the appearance “Fast Money”,”The Kudlow Report,” and “Money in Motion” and “Trading the Globe.”

It is a next group digital currency and free payment network calculates the process transactions faster than Bitcoin with reduces volatility. The coin is the digital currency designed for professional investors.

Faster transactions

The Advantage Merchants who choose this coin will see an immediate impact on their bottom line. This network is free to use and accepting the digital currency is fast.
A transaction with Bitcoin requires an impractical ten minutes before it is established, but with this coin transactions are confirmed every sixty seconds. Keeping customers fulfilled requires fast, secure transactions – with Nautiluscoin customers are on their way ten times faster than Bitcoin. Transactions is secure from multi-pools using DigiShield.

The price volatility of Bitcoin has been a hesitancy block for wider acceptance. It was design with a self-stabilization mechanism – this coimn Stabilization Supply. Whether you choose to convert your Nautiluscoin immediately or hold for the long run, our goal is to provide a deep, stable, and liquid marketplace.


* Scrypt
* 159.39 coins per block
* 1 minute block target
* 16,180,000 total currencies
* 1% reduction every week
* DigiShield difficulty of re-targeting
* 1% premine

Stabilization Fund:

One percent of this coin was pre-mine and partially uses to begin the Nautilus Stabilization Fund (NSF). All proceeds from sales of the pre-mine coins allocates to the NSF will be uses to place purchase orders for this coin. The NSF will actively make a market in Nautiluscoin to ensure a stable growth arrangement. The goal of the NSF is to reduce price volatility while providing steady price appreciation. Therefore, by allowing for price obligation, the NSF will combat the effects of inflation on purchasing power.

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