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Introduction to MinCoin

MinCoin is popularly mean Min. Designed like BitCoin and LiteCoin it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that runs on Scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm. This digital currency is launch in market on April 3rd, 2013 with zero pre-mine. This digital currency is also known as one-minute coin and it is hopefully will be counted as one of the biggest alternative currencies in the market. It is important to have a min coin wallet in order to initiate transaction with this cryptocurrency.

How to use MinCoin

Once the e-wallet gets install in a system, users can start buying, selling, as well as storing coins for future transactions. This e wallet allows unlimited transactions; however, for extra supply of free this coin, users need to find a this coin Faucet online. This e wallet is compatible for Windows, Mac, and Android.


MinCoin (MNC) is enjoying a stable exchange rate in the market. Trades in many exchanges like Cryptsy, mcxNOW, Coins-E, and CoinEX, this peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is prices well in contrast to other altcoins. The Price of this coin as well as value is competitive enough that traders won’t be subject to dangerous fluctuations over time. Furthermore, the Minion Exchange Capacity is currently above 17,222.


Mincoin (MNC) is built with a low cap with 10 million coins only to be ever produces, which is really less than the total number of coins Bitcoin and Litecoin have produces so far. The most interesting point with this cryptographic currency is that it only takes one minute time to generate a new block; the one-minute block time makes it ultra-fast in digital currency market. Despite the quick break or block time, the prize for effectively mining co comes as two coins only. In this way, the making of new coins is still under control

With the help of this model, although, users may expect to have high level of effort variation as the this coin. Difficulty is presently flanking on two. This means it mining may prize users with coins incoherently for some time. Regardless, users may always join their preferred MinCoin Mining pool; only the pool fees and number of confirmations need is prioritizes for transactions.

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