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Megacoin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof type Proof-of-Work
Start date 29/05/2013
Coin Tag MEC
Website MegaCoin

Megacoin – your global cryptocurrencyMegaCoin

MegaCoin is a unique kind of cryptocurrency, which is not endorsed or minted by any nation but it is endorsed by its users all over the world. The only criterion to use MegaCoin is the connectivity of internet to process the transaction. Where there is the Internet, users can send and receive MegaCoin there at ease. One of the best parts of MegaCoin is its simple and minimum rules.

From the very beginning, MegaCoin has been generated in limited numbers, which is around 42 million in the total count. This digital currency is mined by users at a pre-fixed price. And Users will get MegaCoin for free either by mining or by doing trading for them in an exchange.

MEGACOIN LOGO symbolize something special

It symbolizes the three finger gesture of Chinese origin. The number 3 sounds parallel to the character for “birth”, and is believed as a lucky number. The number 3 is substantial since there are 3vital stages in a man’s life (birth, marriage, and death).In computing, mega signifies information units, like megabyte and other units; for instance transfer rates like 1 megabit/s = 1000000 bit/s.

How MEGACOIN does maintain security

MEGACOIN has a class of workers, and they are called miners who “mine” MEGACOIN absolutely similar to Gold Miners. Miners may run distinct software on their computer to enjoy the advantage of encryption calculations so that they can be the first person to find special codes so that MEGACOIN will get to be added to their wallet and it will put those MEGACOIN into circulation. Miners will act as accountants to authenticate all transactions on the MEGACOIN network and relate work against each other to keep MEGACOIN secure.

MegaCoin is open source software and it was released under the terms of the MIT license. The global network uses peer-to-peer technology and it is made of hundreds of strategic nodes globally. MegaCoin has at the time of writing more than 55.000 users; most of them are based in China.A MegaCoin account is totally free & with small transaction fees. Transactions get completed within seconds, all-inclusive!

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