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Maidsafe Coin Information

Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Start date 05/06/2013
Coin Tag MAID
Website Maidsafe


Maidsafe is an organization that is designing and implementing what they call the SAFE Network- future decentralized and secure network. The Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) Network is a new, secure and decentralize base data management services that is built by sharing the unused computer resources of the individual network participants.

Every user of the SAFE Network offers a part of their computer resources: program storage space, processing power, and internet connectivity thus creating a large decentralized network.


The user under the SAFE Network can have high great safety and security on the top of everything else. The user data is encrypted and divided into chunks that span among the users within the network.

Usually, the people who take part are not actually aware of the data they have been asked to save on their systems; they haven’t direct access to what is presently stored on their computer system.

The Safe Network is decentralized and not being controlled by a single large entity or multiple global ones. Essentially, the user are creating network itself. There will no privacy violations whether you decide to host your own website on the network, reach a website somebody else already made, run an application or just offer some of your spare computing resources to help make the SAFE network larger and stronger.

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