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Introduction to LuckChain

LuckChain is a Scrypt cryptocurrency that offers a decentralized gaming podium on the Blockchain. Henceforth, games activates on this platform are 16, Odd Even, Big Small, Boss, and Lotto and real events, where you can bet anything in this coin.


Accordingly, it is the world’s first Blockchain forecast game platform, where results are verifies by Blockchain, and there is least possibility

of cheating.

How it works

The LuckChain development team has played innovative in launching a new concept to introduce in the cryptocurrency betting community. It is done by creating a disperse betting platform that is not only transparent and fair but also does not be dependent on customers for using servers or websites for playing the games.


Therefore, it has initially launched with 7 decentralized games:

  • 16 (Like War)
  • Big or Small Number (It is a Multi-player Game)
  • Odd or Even Number ( It is a Multi-player Game)
  • Boss ( It is a Multi-player Game)
  • Facts Quiz (It is a Multi-player Game)
  • Lucky Lotto ( it is a Multi-player Game)

LuckChain is presently in phase-1 of ICO crowdfunding. It ICO crowdfunding rounds may last for three separate phases and recompense the initial investors with the most of tokens for their capitalized Bitcoins.

It has declared that 90% of the accessible token money supply will be disperse during the 3 consecutive crowdfunding phases. Accordingly, the remaining 10% will be invests for project promotion, team development, advertisement, and reward bounties.

Concluding part

Cryptocurrency is getting popular worldwide, and multiple investors are researching for ways to increase their cryptocurrency investment portfolios while at the same time restraining their risk factors. It will let sits users to get in on the ground-floor of a new cryptocurrency betting concept at a level users of all levels will be comfortable with.

Digital currency users looking for a cryptocurrency model with a great level of invest-potential and non-vulnerability. Therefore, it will find this project is the ideal one for their transaction and use of digital currency.

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