Lisk information

Lisk Information

Algorithm DPoS
Proof type DPoS
Start date 24/05/2016
Coin Tag LSK
Website Lisk
1. Poloniex
3. Bittrex
4. Jubi
5. BitBay
6. Livecoin
7. HitBTC

Information About Lisk

Lisk blockchain apps may also be constructs from the bottom up in pure Javascript and take the capabilities of powerful APIs. Moreover, every app is going for walks in it are possessing sidechain to make sure that it is secure.


One day all apps will likely be done in VM to make sure they’re trustworthy to run on any node. Henceforth, learn how you can code blockchain apps in our documentation part.

Multi-Platform Support

Accordingly, lisk is a real versatile platform. It runs on an excessive efficiency VPS or on cheap, low-end ARM devices like a Raspberry Pi or Odroid. Henceforth, you could execute our customers on windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is open supply that suggests different platforms can be supports effortlessly.


1. Blockchain Applications
Apps of all types
Therefore, the Blockchain apps are set to disrupt whole utility market.

App Directory
An aggregation of all the blockchain apps published on Lisk community. Therefore, app directory will help you to find something, from video games over simple instruments, to strong financial apps.

2. Sidechains
Single Chain for each Blockchain App
Each blockchain app is jogging in its possess and certain sidechain. Therefore, the blockchain that you would be able to thoroughly customize.

Accordingly, the Blockchain app developer has the entire control over sidechain.

Intuitive person Experience
The customer is develops from the ground as much as furnish an convenient to make use of, intuitive interface.

Convenient for each person
Lisk was once constructed with you in intellect. By using utilizing core apps for user profiles and detailed identities, managing your presence in this network is an intuitive and cutting-edge experience.

Second Passphrase
As an introduced safety measure. Henceforth, it allows for customers to set a second passphrase on their account.

Multi-Signature corporations
To furnish highest safety for startups and individual clients. Therefore, we applied multi-signature transaction authentication.

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