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Algorithm X11
Proof type PoW/PoS
Start date 15/06/2014
Coin Tag IOC
Website I/O Coin
1. Bittrex
2. alcurEX

I/O Coin

I/O coin is a revolutionary, innovative and secure cryptocurrency. It works parallel with POS system by adopting minimum power making them more compatible to the environment as compared to the Bitcoin.

I/O Coin was developed by the team of highly skilled professionals who always put effort to make IOC to its best.

The digital Crypto-Currency was first introduced to the market in July 2014. During its “Proof Of Work” time, over 16 million I/O coin mining has come into picture. Similar to fait currencies like Dollar and Euro, I/O coin has its value in the real world.

Even one can earn interest by saving I/O coin into their wallet. And it will also allow them to ‘stake’ to help them secure network.

Features of the I/O Coin

There are special features exist in the I/O coin compared to other cryptocurrencies. The developer team has released this coin with a POS system, Android Mobile Wallet with a Point of Sales features and DIONS decentralized usernames that let users transfer coins easily using a registered username.

IONS is the another wonderful features which are not available in other cryptocurrencny and allow users to send and receive payments using a pre-registered name. It was great challenge to embed this feature and present result is a great proof indicating their dedication.

I/O Coin Wallets

The wallets is available from its official website. It features different wallets for different platforms. The QT wallet is the fundamental wallet of I/O Coin and it is advisable not to operate QT and HTML5 wallet in the same machine.

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