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Infinitecoin Information

Algorithm SHA-256
Proof type Pow
Start date 05/06/2013
Coin Tag IFC
Website InfiniteCoin
1. Jubi
3. Cryptopia
4. Poloniex
5. C-cex


InfiniteCoin, also known as IFC, is a peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency is on Litecoin algorithm. As LiteCoin was directly inspiration by Bitcoin, it has some similarity to BitCoin as well. Hence, it was introduced in market in the year 2013, and it has the largest coin counts around.

The largest number of coin and wide distribution are the two main potentials of this coin. Therefore, other than these two features,super-fast transaction time and circulation volume are the two other points that have promotes this digital currency as one of the top 6 cryptocoins all over the world in terms of usability.

Salient Features:

Some of the salient features of InfiniteCoin are as follows:

It uses Scrypt proof-of-work due to its similarity with Litecoin.
Actually, actual number of coins generated per block: 4,096 IFC.

Advanced check pointing: this feature limits the effect of 51% attacks, and supports recovery much faster and simpler.

Regular checkpoints issued: The block chain will be frequently monitored by the developers and regular checkpoints will be issued. Therefore, this is a friendly feature for keeping the network secure

Transactions: Transactions under 100 IFC will claim a fee of 200 IFC. Hence, transactions under 10,000 IFC will have a fee of 100 IFC.

Warning message system: A warning message is displays the client if issues detects,it is the warning for users to suspend transactions the network is safe.

ScryptPoW: 30 seconds block target.

Difficulty retargets every hour with enhanced retargets at the beginning.

3 confirms/ transaction.

With the fact, total about 90,600 million coins (90.6 billion coins) are the limit.

Connection port is 9321, RPC-port is 9322.

Therefore, the acceptance of the coin is increasing every day. Right nowglobal merchants like Amazonia Imports, Daily Bit, Visa4Crypto, Coincable, Bitezze honor IniniteCoin or online transaction.

How to get InfiniteCoin

Therefore, the first thing required for transaction is an specific wallet to that installation to do in your system. Users can download or update their IFC wallet from the Infinitecoin official website for the desktop version. Henceforth, most online wallets are found connected to e-coin exchanges. As of now, most of those exchanges only permit intra-ecoin trading other than USD or EURO to ecoin trading.

Accordingly, infiniteCoin is exchangeable for other E-coins like Bitcoins and LiteCoin. There are many ecoin markets that exchange the coin for other e-coins.

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