GoldCoin- digital currency based on Scrypt hashing algorithm

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1. Bittrex
2. C-CEX
3. Cryptopia

GoldCoin- digital currency based on Scrypt hashing algorithm

GoldCoin is a digital currency that is based on Scrypt hashing algorithm. It uses the name Gold, which is a clear assertion of its value for the transaction. Popularly called as GLD, it has a multi-pool resistant client that helps in securing the network from 51% attack. Henceforth, this currency is built on Bitcoin protocol, and in terms of popularity, it is now holding top position in Google and Amazon.

Other than Google and Amazon, GoldCoin as a cryptocurrency has become quite popular in countries like West Africa, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, in the United States. The prime two USPs of this digital currency are 51% attack defense and Golden River difficulty algorithm: in fact these two features have tagged this cryptocurrency as one of the strongest variants in global cryptocurrency market. Till date, total numbers of GoldCoin produced are 72,245,700.

Growth of GoldCoin

This cryptocoin is the latest digital cryptocurrency and it is now traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex and C-CEX. Moreover, the market is being considered as the future’s cryptocurrency with global accreditation.

The vision of creating GoldCoin was something different than other common cryptocurrencies operating in a market. In an average almost all cryptocurrencies are focused on micro transaction and payments. The developers of this currency have kept their focus on enhancement of value-storage side of the equation.

However, it’s stable value is the gold standard of digital currency, which is transparent, safe, and productive in its own way.

It is important to have a GoldCoin wallet otherwise transaction on this coin network cannot take place. This e-wallet has to be installed in the system to start storing, transaction, and receive. Right now this coin e-wallet is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, GitHub, etc. A paper wallet is also available for download.

GoldCoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer algorithm integrated digital currency. It is built on open source platform. Because of its flexibility, It  is one of the best solutions for the international payment market and has scheduled a series of meetings all over the globe to get the action rolling. In the nearby future, it is anticipated that GoldCoin will be a domestic name to billions of the poor and unbanked individuals.

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