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Start date21/11/2017
Coin TagGZR

Information About Gizer

Gizer is a peer-to-peer network, driven by interactions between different parties to create economic opportunity in the global gaming community. Our vision is to create opportunity for all members of the global gaming economy, connecting gamers, hosts, small businesses, freelancing services, and venues to create a truly global gaming network.

The Gizer token, an ERC20 token created on the public Ethereum blockchain, represents an unlockable profile item that is natively in an “unknown” state. In order to unlock a token, the token must first be attached to a user’s Gizer Global Identity (GG-ID) by being added to the user’s wallet. The user can then decide to unlock tokens at any time, which results in a profile item being applied to the user’s identification profile.

Gizer Global Identity (GG-ID) is a profile created on Gizer, which can be used in any game that adopts Gizer’s technology. This profile will consist of three parts: a customizable avatar, a gamertag, and gaming statistics. The profile items applied to a user’s GG ID differ in type and rarity. Users collect items to power up and customize their avatars, gaining prestige within the gaming community. Once certain sets of items are collected, the user is rewarded with an exclusive item, a rank boost, and a badge specific to their accolades.

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