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Algorithm Scrypt
Proof type PoW
Start date 01/06/2015
Coin Tag GAME
Website Gamecredits

Why choose Game Credits


With our enormously optimized wallet interface “GAME” transfers are quick and trustworthy.


Gamecredits exchange permit you to transfer fiat currencies, such as USD, into this coin or vice versa along with exchanging them with different digital currencies like BitCoin.


Moreover, this currency’s tech crew oversees and ensures the stability of currency and is effortlessly on hand for any and all inquiries.

Person friendly

Gamers can entry and use this currency in video games with just a simple login.

Quite implemented

Wallet verbal exchange protocols are both simple and comfy. Henceforth recreation builders can center of attention on developing video games and not be battling monetization implementation

Open and inviting

Furthermore, You could conveniently send this crypto coin to your gamer buddies, or pay securely for gaming goods or services wherever in the world

This cryptocurrency is “primary open source gaming currency made by means of players for players and recreation builders.” Accordingly, Platform offers an incredibly optimized pockets interface, making transfers speedy, easy and safe. Although, the Corporation’s login approach is, without doubt, one of the easiest of its type. And gaming funds can effortlessly be exchanged for fiat and replacement digital currencies alike.

These have been going robust on grounds that it opened in 2015. However, increasing its workforce of builders and specializing in important facets to make GameCredits the best option for a gaming currency.

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