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Introduction to Fermat

Fermat is a modular app platform. It promotes and facilitates mobile software development and peer to peer economy. Rightly called an app framework, this currency is known for incentivizing component based collaborative design and common ownership paid and tracked over the Blockchain and it is already attracted focus in digital cryptocurrency environment.


According to the latest declaration, by its founding authorities, Fermat is a mobile dais that include the features to empower its users to integrate with each other without any intervention of any 3rd party intervention. The platform furthermore offers matching service and value added service facilities coordination. Henceforth this includes chat facility, getting a taxi on demand, renting apartments, finding a date, publishing and search classifieds. Furthermore, this also involves finding a job, hiring or providing freelance services, getting digital coupons, discounts, vouchers, facility to pay with fiat or cryptocurrency, and many other facilities for making life easier and cashless.

Fermat allows its users for the global conversation of value. However, it is peer-to-peer by design and it incorporates features of built-in privacy controls for all transactions done on this platform. The outcome is the implementation of a peer-to-peer platform that removes mediators. Further, it empowers ownership and monetization of digital content and individual info.

It's vision calls for the growth of a large library of sharing economy mobile applications through this platform. In order to achieve this goal, Fermat proposes a new software development model that permits collaboration and improved competence. Integration of these reusable software components can be possible. It can recombine transversely the ever-expanding library of highly customizable applications. However, this can always be saving the component property privileges and the incomes of their owners.


Fermat has established an application token system to incentivize the growth of substructure and applications. Tokens called formats will incentivize node operators to offer hardware, bandwidth. And to recompense inventors for writing code as well as for creating components. The Fermat system is planned in a way so that it can outsource the conduct of token relations to the secure and dispersed Bitcoin network.

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