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Algorithm Scrypt
Proof type POW
Start date 22.12.2013
Coin Tag TIPS
Website FedoraCoin

FedoraCoin News and Information

FedoraCoin is a new cutting-edge cryptocoin founded on TipsFedora meme. Our purpose is to come to be tipping foreign money on the web.

Mining FedoraCoin (TIPS)

If for mining this currency on you’re going to use gear with a pace of a 1000 kHz/s. It is on current mining predicament of and rewards for finding blocks of cash.  afterward which you could get zero cash suggestions per day (aside from pool fee and the probability of discovering the block).

However, to get extra benefit from the sale of tips, in keeping with calculation results for this currency, mining, you are going to ought to trade zero coins you acquired on an alternate cost of 0 for one guideline on zero.

After exchanging this currency, on you ought to withdraw for your wallet. And deposit at BTC-e, then alternate to USD at the exchange price of.

After changing and receiving USD that you would be able to withdraw in Fiat forex and get cash 0 bucks or zero rubles. Therefore when mining this currency with well-defined information on calculating and without since prices and electrical power cost, you can get 0 dollars /day or 0 rubles/day.

Pair share for FedoraCoin (TIPS)

Pair share shows the percentage of selected pair transactions out of the whole number of transactions. It virtually indicates which pair has probably most transactions.

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