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Algorithm Array
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Start date 05/10/2015
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At Factom, we make sector’s programs honest. Honesty is just right for a trade. Individuals and institutions at present can clear up hard problems and change sector for simpler when they have a risk-free system to build on. Framework these are sincere free up useless capital. Furthermore, this enables businesses to develop and helps humans to elevate themselves out of poverty. Henceforth we feel sincere systems free up every person’s untapped capability.

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Although, Factom HQ is headquartered out of Austin, Texas. With its world-famous BBQ, song festivals and expanding tech scene, it’s a wonderful location to name residence. We also have team contributors in Shanghai, Beijing, Honduras, London, and Sunnyvale, CA to satisfy the world purchaser desires.

Factom tries to push way forward for transparent trade practices with our enterprise changing products. Moreover, they are worth, honesty, transparency and strive to change long run through the application they build.
Factom products


Factom Apollo application was designed to help mitigate the danger of centralized databases. Moderation and alteration of Liability of data are possible without a record of these changes. Although, it has emerged as clear that database integrity is core to a well-functioning industry.


IoT gadgets are fitting extra embedded within our everyday lives. They’re in the cars we power, gadgets we wear, and they comfortable our today’s properties. However, it’s valuable to look after them against would-be hackers. Critical private expertise and our lives are being relied on to with no trouble spoofed and hacker techniques.


Factom Hera utility permits you to scale your information desires and scale back your rate for securing your data and methods. If in case you have thousands of data features that you have to secure, then discover cost financial savings of Factom Hera application.

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