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Introduction to Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized independent platform that operates on smart contracts: application operates exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, fraud, censorship or third-party interference.

It came to light when some members of the Ethereum community therefore refused to accept the hard fork on the floor of “immutability”. Accordingly, the integrity of the blockchain cannot be altered, and decided to use the unforked version of Ethereum


However, Ethereum Classic is having a lot of similarities. Therefore, Ethereum likely to be innovative development teams, long-term scope, and great technologies. However, it provides a platform to the consumer, business, and employee to produces the product and generates a market virtually.

However, it is decentralized system by which you can monitor the business, work, market from any place of the world. Due to this decentralized system it protects you from the third-party brochure.

Therefore, a batter result and a batter product are developed. Here distance doesn’t matter instead work. Furthermore, hundreds of client and employee survive in a community with the promises of immutability.

Since, here everyone gets similar space and place to grow their knowledge, increase their market and spread their intellectualize. On your creative ideas, you can also get investors for your project. Besides, it is possible to create an online shareholder on the platform of Ethereum classic.

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