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Edgeless Information 

Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Start date 16/12/2016
Coin Tag EDG
Website Edgeless

Information Edgeless Coin 

This coin is a decentralized casino introduces revolutionary transparent 0% HouseEdge on gambling. Edgeless platform will be built on the Ethereum network refers that all the key operations will be regulated by smart contracts.

The coin provides a new block chain based casino that’s planning to improve transparency and fix the problem of cheating against their own players of online casinos. Moreover in words, Edgeless is simply – online gambling revolution.

Accordingly, House Edge is refers to describe the mathematical advantage of the gambling game. It provides transparency that; the cryptography enables players to know that they are truly playing;this process refers to “provably fair”.

In early days gambling is well known to have play a key role in popularizing bit coins. Therefore, edgeless is refers to the first casino with 0% edge based on block chain based on Ethereum block chain and it is fully transparent.

At present, it is a new era of gambling because it provides 0% house edge, no logins/registrations, no delay of money, 100% anonymity provided by cryptocurrency, checking of fully transparent random number fairness, impossible of international casino profits draining.

Edgeless cryptocurrency features

The coin provides a package of the most popular gambling games Blackjack, Dice, Video poker and Sports betting. Therefore, EDG distributes maximum number of Edgeless that is base on Ethereum infrastructure. It hold monthly lottery system where EDG tokens can be useful to win a share of casino’s profit.

EDG recently there was a crowd funding campaign that starts on recently and also it introduces Black jack Beta with 0% Edge. It is highly attractive and competitive business model aims to attract more online gamblers to the cryptocurrency whilst.

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