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Introduction to E-Dinner Coin

There are list of crypto currencies available in trade online market but only a few dozen had reached a market capitalization among that E-Dinar is one of the alternative digital crypto currency with a modern and efficient working wallet.

Bit coin earning is the most popular crypto currency in the world. E-Dinar (EDR) is an internal crypto currency that operates on a closed block chain controlled by the members of the online community and it has users all over the world.

E-Dinar crypto currency was released in 2009 something like digital money. EDR allows users to conduct transactions, send and receive funds. E-Dinar, new revolutionary generation crypto currency and it is an international peer to peer exchange platform.

E-Dinar coin built on advanced Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Technology it is a method of crypto currency. By using PoS it does not require any costs for saving energy it also has strong resistance to attacks, here there is no hashes for mining.

EDR is environmental friendly because it uses the modern and secure algorithm for mining PoS without energy consumption.

The market cap value of E-Dinar (EDR) is $3,655,221 with a circulating supply of 85,028,287 EDR. The volume of EDR is $270,543 with a price of $0.042988

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