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Introduction to Digital Coin
DigitalCoin - peer-to-peer cryptographic algorithm

DigitalCoin is also known as DGC and it works with the peer-to-peer cryptographic algorithm in a completely decentralized manner. This digital currency is safe to use for best security, ease of use, and stability. In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, It is not that volatile and its price stays almost fixed since last 4-5 years. This digital currency has come in the market in the year 2011.

How Can we Use DigitalCoin?

This currency is improved for performance and is one of the fastest ways to send and receive transactions in the world. DigitalCoin is a real, usable, and free to use currency with multiple vendors and ways to purchase a variety of items including hardware, software, Steam games, food, jewelry, precious metals, and much more.

DGC uses the Scrypt algorithm and it has been optimized for flawless performance. DigitalCoin claims its properties as unique characteristics as it is assume as one of the fastest ways to send and receive money. In order to start mining and trading with DGC, you need to have a DigitalCoin wallet installed in your system. This also must be according to your operating system. Its transactions are completely instant, almost free, and once it is complete, it is irreversible.

Digital Coin vs. Bitcoin

DigitalCoin and Bitcoin are two different cryptocurrencies: However, there is a similarity and there are some sharp contrasts.

It utilizes three separate encryption algorithms while BitCoin only uses sha-256. In essence, it is harder to compromise the DigitalCoin network because breaking just one of the three algorithms will not gift you complete control. Bitcoin is also vulnerable to 51% attack, or anybody with the adequate power to use hash by accessing sha-256 faster than other networks’ rollback time: editing blocks, rewriting transactions, etc. are some of the work examples. With DigitalCoin, user will be requiring whole control on all three algorithms

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