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DeepWebCash Information

Algorithm N/A
Proof type zk-SNARK
Start date 2017
Coin Tag DWC
Website DeepWebCash

Information About DeepWeb Cash

DeepWeb Cash is a new kind of cryptocurrency that offers payment confidentiality at its best-secured form. However, besides confidentiality, It maintains a decentralized network by using a public Blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin cash transaction, in every dealings, the cash keeps the transaction data confidential like sender’s name, recipient’s name, and the value of the transaction unless users have the correct view key. Users can enjoy complete control and can opt for sharing their personal view key to their peer on personal discretion.

However, one of the salient features of DeepWeb Cash is that none of the cash transaction depends on the cooperation of the 3rd party.

How does DeepWeb Cash work?

The content of the cash transactions encrypts as these are safe in best private mode. The system applies a novel cryptographic method for authentication of each payment for its users. It runs on a zero-knowledge proof construction called a zk-SNARK, created by experiences of cryptographers.

Therefore, these constructions permit the network to preserve a secure ledger of balances without revealing the parties’ names or transacted amounts involved.

Instead of openly demonstrating spend-authority and deal values, the transaction metadata is kept script. The zk-SNARKs uses to prove that nobody is cheating or stealing.

Users have comprehensive control and can opt-in to provide others with their view key at their personal discretion.


However, DeepWeb Cash is till date an experimental technology and it is hopefully is only the beginning of its (hopefully) long life. The coin is on peer-reviews cryptographic research and builds by a world-class, security-concerns engineering team. The developing team is consistently maintaining its focus on building and maintaining an open, permission-less system that is feasible, strong, and rightly reliable and secure for users.


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