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Introduction to DeepOnion

Deep Onion is a hybrid cryptocurrency that uses proof of stake (PoS) and the X13 proof of work (PoW) algorithm. Basically, it is natively integrated within the TOR network and ALL connections are made over the TOR network.

We also increase the level of privacy for our crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. Security will be further enhanced by our new DeepSend technologies, to be announced and implemented at a later date.

DeepOnion Updates
  • During the first week of March, the official DeepOnion Pool which operates on was upgraded. Hence providing more mining location options and better statistics as well as a totally new codebase. The New China DeepOnion nodes are more stable.
  • In the month of February, the coin announced the new DeepOnion OpenCart Payment Plugin. Hence, it now allows users to accept DeepOnion cryptocurrency as payment on their OpenCart store.
  • During December, DeepOnion was listed on the CoinPulse Exchange.Hence, allowing the users to deposit, trade and withdraw their Onion Tokens.
Your Anonymity is guaranteed!

The DeepOnion development team is basically composed of Industrial, Social Media, SEM experts and top-level block-chain developers. More advanced features will be added to the coin, and the development team is committed to long term support. DeepOnion DO NOT do ICOs or crowdfunding. 90% of the total coins are also premined at the genesis block. The remaining 10% will be mineable by the public.

Most premined coins will be freely airdropped to the community through 40 rounds of airdrops. Certain conditional requirements apply, please read on for details. Genesis block, premined coins, breakdown; 70% will be air-dropped to the community, while 20% will be used for bounties, rewards as well as other promotions. Remaining 10% will belong to the dev team.

Totally Anonymous

Your original IP will not be shown to the network because DeepOnion operates over TOR. Your new "IP" will be something like this: "a5ke53qniu5xqofq.onion".

Invisible Payment: With the use of hidden addresses, payments are totally invisible and cannot be traced by anybody or agency. Our incoming DeepSend feature will further enhance the anonymity of the coin.

Continuous Enhancement: The Dev team will release new features with better usability and security. See our road-map for details.

Speedy Confirmation

Deeponion's confirmation time is fast. This means that you can send and transfer money quickly unlike the slower ways of Bitcoin.

Helping The TOR Network: By operating DeepOnion, you help to increase the number of nodes on the TOR network, and in doing so, you help people all over the world stay anonymous online

  • PoW/PoS.
  • X13 algorithm for PoW.
  • 5 block transaction confirmations.
  • 50 minted block confirmations.
  • Total coins will be around 25 million after 10 years.
  • There will be around 20 million coins produced by PoW of which 18 million ONIONs (90%) is premined at genesis block. The majority of these will be FREELY distributed to the community.
  • ~2 million ONIONs will be mineable by the public.
  • PoW:
  • 240 sec block target.
  • Difficulty retarget with each block.
  • Initial payout will be 8 ONIONs per block.
  • PoW payout will be halved each year (365 days).
  • PoS:
  • 60 sec block target.
  • Difficulty retarget each block.
  • PoS interest will be variable per year:
  • 1st year: 10%
  • 2nd year: 5%
  • 3rd and subsequent years: 1%
  • - Minimum holding time before the PoS will be generated 1 day.
  • - Maximum allowed accumulated coin is 30 days.
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