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Start date February 7th, 2016
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Some of the Bitcoin’s core Developers fragmented to develop new digital currency called DECRED. Henceforth, its main aim of the Developers is to prevent the issues. However, Bitcoin is badly facing regarding project governance and development funding.

Mr. Jacob Yocom-Piatt os the CEO of ‘Company 0’ has funded Bitcoin improvement since early 2013, conveyed the real development of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is funded by out entities that creates an argument between the groups and the project’s core developers. Henceforth, it may be compatible with Bitcoin.

Exact meaning of Decred

It is an open source cryptocurrency the will utilize a more dispersed community-based governance as well as integrates interested in its blockchain. Therefore the separated group has the best opportunity to make it great as they were already worked on the Bitcoin. Henceforth, with few clicks on wallet apps, enables users sending, receiving, and mining easily.

Accordingly, Bitcoin developers have joined fingers with the makers of the widely used BTCsuite as well as now constructing their own new digital currency called as DECRED. Therefore, the group has the advantage to make a coin really great product as they already have knowledge with Bitcoin.

Three main ways to interact with Decred

The wallet: For sending and receiving money as well as taking part in POS mining.

Proof-of-Work Mining: However, generating new Decred token and validating transactions on the network by using the computing power.

Proof-of-Stake Mining: Utilizing funds to rank on important network development matters as well as validate transactions for rewards.

Planned Features for 2017

  • Hard fork voting
  • A stakeholder-directed DAO
  • Decentralized control of development funds
  • Lightning network support
  • Continuous UI and Design Development
  • Therefore, enhanced privacy
  • Payment integration



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