DAC Play

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DAC PLAY Coin Information
DAC PLAY Coin Information

Algorithm DPOS
Proof type PoW
Start date Jan 5th, 2015
Coin Tag PLS
Website DAC PLAY

Information About DAC PLAY 

DAC stands for Distributed Autonomous Community. As a result, it is an anonymous network that exploits revenue from its operation to fund its existence. DAC Play platform is run by open-source software with these three salient features: Decentralized marketplace coordinating between crypto-world and the game assets world, Blockchain-based game platform, Peer to peer game assets exchange.

Target audience

This DAC Play platform is best used by traditional online game providers. It allows its users to issue a game token and the facility to use the platform. Their virtual public ledger to trade all in-game assets without facing any counterparty risk. Moreover, once the coins are sold, they can be dealt in various game accounts and the leftover coins can be sold on DAC PLAY exchange module.

Why DAC Play is unique

DAC Play uses distributed RNG DPOS algorithm. The prime advantage of using DPOS is its leverage of faster blocks confirmation and its inbuilt scalability to the level of VISA’s 10,000 payment transactions/ second. Therefore, the system is 100% disperse; there are zero points of control and least chance of failure in a transaction. However, users can do simple sign-in, and they can be alight if they do not perform according to the pre-set rules. Hence, stakeholders can check and maintain their agreement and that maintains perfect transparency within the network.

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How it works

The word “distribute” holds the key functionality of the platform. “Distribute” stands indicative of the feature that the random number of one block produces by the prior 101 delegates’ boost secret.If at least one of this delegates found honest, the subsequent random number gets truly random. “Provable” means that delegates need to announce the hash of their secrets to the Blockchainwithin the next round. Therefore, the reveal secret’s hash must be the hash they circulate for last time. The delegates cannot cheat by exposing choosy encouraging secret because the hash of the secret is already renouncing.

Supportive games 

Accordingly, DAC play supports various games like Games on Probability, Quiz games, Multiple people based, Vote gamesChess Games.The games which are a combo of strategy and probability.

DAC Play

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