CureCoin Information

Proof typePoW
Start date11/11/2014
Coin TagCURE



Joshua smith is the founder of CureCoin. The main aim behind its launch was to do genuine calculations which will help the mankind and better society by rewarding members using their CPU/GPU cycles to further medical research. It is a research-based cryptocurrency that is built on top of the system with a net-positive social benefit.  It has 6,699 of participants on the [email protected] network and is the largest present contributor to the project. The project significantly impacts research across numerous diseases including various cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, infectious disease and more.

CureCoin’s donation through protein folding research till date is estimates to be $ 6 million. It has also partnership with Foldingcoin (FLDC), thus offering more rewards to have more profit. Coinpayments, payment processing business has also partitioned with this coin which allows people to purchase items and services from up to 175,000 participating businesses. Therefore, it uses the symbol CURE to represent it.

CureCoin is estimated to be bringing in a large number of people throughout the world into the cryptocurrency world. It has recently broken the world records for research speeds of a single research team of all research-based DCNs, (Distributed Computing Networks).

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