Crown Information

Algorithm SHA256
Proof type PoW
Start date 14/10/2014
Coin Tag CRW
Website Crown


1. BitTrex
2. Yobit
3. CoinExchange

Info About Crown

Crown (CRW) is a digital currency influenced by royal European history. It was launched as Crowncoin in 2014. Therefore, a testimony of work digital currency and an alternative to fiat currencies. It is a peer to peer digital currency as well as facilitates to process payments between two parties without the need of financial institution. Accordingly, just as a bitcoin is a token of exchange and a computer program.

Key Facts

  • Launched transparently in mid-2014 as Crowncoin
  • Powered by 1208 Tron Masternodes
  • Democratic governance system
  • API-driven model
  • Merge mined with BTC
  • No to anonymity

Hence, there are two methods to get Crown (CWR)

  • Trade
  • Mine

At first, you need to download the wallet in order to use it. It saves your address and private keys to decipher the coin. Only authorized members with address and private keys can access further.

In fact, at present majority of the users are inspired to use Trade because of its additional security to the network.

It incorporates competence of both the Bitcoin and Dash protocols, but there are major differences between Crown and both Bitcoin and Dash.

The major differences from Bitcoin are that:

  • Crown corroborate transactions quickly
  • Consist of additional layer of security created by Tron network Masternodes
  • Crown prime intention is to create a viable application platform for merchants, developers, and communities.
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