Creatio - the ultimate cryptocurrency

Creatio Information

Algorithm N/A
Proof type PoS
Start date 20/10/2016
Coin Tag XCRE
Website Creatio
1. YoBit
2. Cryptopia
3. Trade Satoshi

Creatio – the ultimate cryptocurrency

Creatio is a special kind of cryptocurrency that is offering its utility since its inception. This digital currency supports all its transactions via XCRE and this is the reason people willing to use this currency need to buy XCRE. As a result, the coin is in great demand from the day one because without this coin transaction cannot initiate.

As a consequence, creatio aims the exact group of users who were ready to implement and release their thoughts and business model within their own cryptocurrency range. For this drive, it offers an easy and simple way to all these people to release their own currency in just a few steps

Creatio Benefits

This coin offers multiple benefits for its users. These are:

Customizable independent Blockchain
All the coins produced through it services are sovereign and disperse currencies, exclusively created for each customer. To gratify all customers, CREATIO Coin service offers a wide range of features, which executes in a wallet. Moreover, the coins facts of blocktime and premise specify unique features both in-wallet block explorers and website display will implement on demand.

Availability of modern codebases and toolchain
As CREATIO offers only the techy background of a project, the main goal of this project is to release wallets, which meet all the technical necessities to ensure the correct action of each Blockchain. However, to build the wallets, the team uses a complex toolchain, entirely configured for cryptocurrency wallet compiling. Therefore, it makes possible to deliver the wallet to the customer within the shortest turnaround time.

Value Added Services
On the other hand, the elementary coin creation service, this coin offers manifold sovereign cryptocurrency linked resources. The services like wallet compilation services, Blockchain Explorer, and Seed node hosting as well as coin revitalization services. These services are available in CREATIO wallets to Create tab.


Preliminary pricing of the services offers by CREATIO team will attune to similar services in the market. However, there is a trivial discount linked to the market prices but by all means, this will not surpass 10%.

Therefore, a major plan for 2017 is going to launch an automatized coin creation environment, which may curtail waiting for times as well as significantly reduce the price of the coin creation procedure since it minimizes human communication.

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