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Blocknet Information

Proof type PoW/PoS
Start date 20/10/2014
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  1. Bittrex
  2. Novaexchange

Blocknet Price Chart, Blocknet Exchange

The idea begins with Dan Metcalf, a developer at XCurrency. Blocknet (BLOCK) has describes as revolutionary. It is a revolutionary advancement in cryptographic technology; a peer to peer protocol. IT is referred as a block chain agnostic decentralized platform as a service.

At the same time the person who knows bitcoin and cryptocurrencies knows the block chain is an incredible technology and already it revolutionize the world.

Growth of Blocknet:

At present, a new coin is going on sale at Poloniex and Bittrex called BLOCKNET. They are always excited to see growth in the Bitcoin sector with new innovative coins and ideas.
However, this cryptocurrency can inflation the potential user base of any coin. It is the “internet of blockchains”.

It represents a new advancement in cryptographic technology, allowing users to communicate directly without using third party. However, there are three features of Blocknet that are inter-operable, mobility and modularity.

On the other hand, working of Blocknet that needs the internet connection and the cryptography is very strong. And so, blocknet enables micro services can be made to require a micro fee, paid in truly peer-to-peer from app to app.

It was founded on the XBridge, the first P2P protocol enabling communication between nodes on different block chains. The development of XBridge is under way; meanwhile the establishment of inter-node communication is successfully done and the decentralized exchange of digital tokens is currently under testing.

Consequently, the cryptocurrency enables the rapid and vastly simplified development of decentralized apps. It supports the coins currently, Bitcoin and SYSCoinand several others are under testing.
Additionally, the next step for BLOCK is the disperse exchange technology opens up space for the coming inter-chain era. Ultimately, this is the first inter block chain exchange to launch.

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