Bahamian Dollar BSD $ 1.00

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Introduction to BitSend

BitSend was established on June 2014.Limx Dev was the founder of the new currency. It is decentralized cryptocurrency of a new. Hence, it is a digital currency and can be use globally. In fact, There is no need for currency exchange. BSD is the trading symbol which is use to notify the currency. The currency was designed with an aim that it can be used for generations and it is possible with the POW and POS system which it contains. It uses the algorithm XEVAN (until block ~230K X11). Accordingly, the total number of coins is 43500000

BSD and block time of the currency is 180 seconds.

If one is having 25000 BSD and a steady IP address, then s/he can mine for the next 10 to 20 years. There is no need of thinking about a long time investment for this coin. BitSend is also a great payment system. One did not have to worry about the background check, credit check and social security number too. Creating a BitSend account is simple, free and also quick. It uses a specialized cloud computer that runs the software for the security. Therefore, it is secure and completely safe too and no one can fraud the system.

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