BelaCoin cryptocurrency

There is list of cryptocurrencies available in trade online market but only a few dozen had reached a market capitalization among that BelaCoin cryptocurrency or Bela is one of the alternative digital crypto currency with a modern and efficient working wallet.

Belacoin was created in 2014 also known as previously Bella coin it is modeled for after Litecoin. However, Bella coin was renamed to Bela coin for rebranding they change the logo. Bela coin is used as a charity coin for organizations for helping; a number of coins are given to different organizations as well as used in a Bela coin to widen the distribution of this coin. But it never really took off as a charity coin and development work on it is slow.

In 2016, a startup called Ambia fund took the leading role in Belas development with the consent of the original developer. Although, at present, the Ambia is developing a new platform based on Bela coin, called Belacam.
The projects built on the Belacam are, Bella chess an Android app which is available on Google play store that was created independently from the Ambia fund programmer.
Belacam is a platform for sharing pictures and gifts where posters are paid with Bela coins.
Taskie ICO – BelaCoin cryptocurrency used it as a purchasing coin.
PayperPaper – A platform for smart phone wallpapers.
The market cap value of Bela coin (BELA) is $5,055,737 with a circulating supply of 34,117,050 BELA. The volume of BELA is $399,651 with a price value of $0.148188.

BelaCoin cryptocurrency


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