Ardor Information 

Algorithm Array
Proof type PoS
PoS 13/10/2016
Coin Tag  ARDR

Ardor cryptocurrency

While coming to news it reveals that the Ethereum Arises Amidst reports of the DAO attack upto 3 million Ether being lost to attackers has had a very negative impact on Ethereum. Onwards the Nxt is coming “Blockchain as a service”.

Now a day’s Bitcoin earning is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. And it is also an electronic payment system for earning income through Mining.
Ardor is one of the Cryptocurrency which is a blockchain as a service platform developed by the Nxt core dev team. Ardor support Smart or phased transactions, voting, and trading. However, Nxt’s new BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)system will permit any guy from single user to fintech startups, tom large corporations to easily build their own Nxt 2.0 child Blockchains with different features and tunable parameters.

Cryptocurrency refers to revolutionary aspect of world currency system. Though, it is an electrical exchange of funds through a graphic algorithm-a secured transaction. It was just an idea until the Bitcoinemerged into market as the first Decentralized currency.

Moreover, The main innovative idea of Ardor is to separate the transactions that don’t effect security. Ardor a “child chain” platform allows you to utilize the advanced blockchain technology of Nxt for your Business, Organization, Group or individual project.

The Ardor main chain will resides ardor tokens(ARDR) it will serves the system that secures all child chains. And processes their transactions. It is 100% proof of Stake no additional processing will be needed for mining as well as no new tokens will be created.

Each block containing all child chain transactions will be processed in fast manner in this the data will be pruned. And it has an efficient security provided.

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