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Arcade City

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Arcade City 

While Digital currency is getting popular worldwide, the demand for applications or a dedicated community is increasing so that the use and peer to peer communications get really facilitated. Arcade City is one such Ethereum concerning app for the web, iOS, and Android. It features an all-open ecosystem along with upcoming APIs to empower developers and entrepreneurs to create their app as well as to offer their service offerings as an integral component of this currency network.

The Goal of Arcade City

Although, the goal of Arcade city is to reinvent the sharing economy by integrating the potential of Blockchain technology, a platform for co-operating economy, access for open source development, etc. As a result, the platform of it allows establishing a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model, which is accessible to all.

The start

The inception of this cryptocurrency took place in the year 2015, December in defiance of transportation regulation at Portsmouth, where Uber was tagged as illegal. As a result, local taxis threatened for an overall boycott of Portsmouth’s New Year Eve Celebration. It was showing their protest against the relaxed mentality of city council’s illegal Uber Drivers. Once the initiative of this coin was successful, during mid-February the basic app of Arcade City has come into place.
Arcade City gathers and shows multiple metrics to facilitate the community for earning an as well as a transparent reputation system. Showing these metrics at the front-end, Arcadians can get to form their own subjective opinion.
No personal data will proceed and store by Arcade city app. However, it works with the data, publicly available, upcoming from Blockchain transactions with public keys that promote the use of cryptocurrency.

Available data From Arcade City Platform:

    • Number of fruitful transactions.


    • Thumbs up – thumbs down – neutral: about service/transaction quality.


    • Number of disputes.


    • Total transaction volume.


  • With every successful transaction, reputation tokens will mint and distribute to the transacting parties.
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