AnonCoin - Privacy centric currency

AnonCoin Information

Algorithm Array
Proof type PoW
Start date 01/01/0001
Coin Tag ANC
Website Anoncoin

AnonCoin – Privacy-centric currency

In the world of digital currency, AnonCoin is the only one that supports the i2p darknet, which stands for Invisible Internet Project. It is a computer network layer that empowers applications to perform tasks pseudonymously and steadily.
The  is introduced on June 6, 2013. AnonCoin works on Scrypt Proof of work algorithm.This is one of the best advantages of doing a transaction with this curreny.

Specification of this digital coin:

42 minute block targets (420 blocks a day),
Starts with 4.2 coin blocks until block 42000
7 coin blocks until block 77777
5 coin blocks after 77778, then subsidy halves in 306600 blocks (~2 years)
Max 141% adjustment at retargeting
A limit on 4.2 Million coins
Block generation: 3 minute block targets
Block reward: 4.2 ANC for blocks until 42,000; 7 ANC until block 77,777; a 10 ANC bonus block, for 77778; 5 ANC until block 306,600; and then halving of block rewards every 306,600 blocks, (approximately every 638 days),
Extreme number of coins: 3.1 million ANC,
Anonymity: Native support of the I2P and Tor darknets, Zerocoin in development,
Premine: 4200 ANC returned to the community.

ANC network

AnonCoinvs. Bitcoin AnonCoin offers one vital difference from Bitcoin. The ANC network targets to process a block inevery 3.42 minutes, which is sharp contrast to the 10-minute time or Bitcoin’s block processing, which permits faster transaction confirmation. It adjusts difficulty according to hashing power available, as the target is for a block which will go in the process of mining in every 30 seconds.
Furthermore, ANC uses Scrypt in its proof of work algorithm and its network will produce 4.2 million AnonCoin, which quite lesser in quantity than Bitcoin.

Trading Markets

ANC is now trading over Cryptsy and Coins-E exchanges, where users can find the cryptocurrency’s trading volume. Along with he can also find exchange stability and current price/value entrenched in one comprehensive chart. Nonetheless, Users need to install wallet in order to initiate a payment transaction with AnonCoin.
Transaction on this network is completely anonymous and none of the transactions can be traced and sourced wallet cannot be traced. This is one of the best advantages of doing a transaction with it.
Although, AnonCoin (ANC) is completely TOR compatible. This permitsANC to achieve darknet transactions. However, AnonCoin uses can be fully jumbled and thus not identifiable for a particular wallet.

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