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B2C2 Launches Gold Derivative – Trade Gold Against Bitcoin

The crypto world is evolving. Earlier fiat to crypto trading was available. Now, you can trade gold against Bitcoin. Crypto Liquidity provider B2C2, has launched a new derivative product. Clients can trade an ounce of gold priced in bitcoin and settle it in bitcoin.

Max Boonen, founder, and CEO of B2C2 claims that this product is first of its kind. Clients can trade gold via the OTC trading unit, B2C2 OTC Ltd. Additionally, the product supports other tokens along with Bitcoin such as PAX Gold. The liquidity provider company intends to launch more such products.

B2C2 provides trading Gold against Bitcoin
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B2C2 provides trading Gold against Bitcoin
B2C2, a cryptocurrency liquidity provider has launched a new gold derivative product, which is priced and settled in bitcoin (BTC). It is first of its kind
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