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New Listings on Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange – Binance

PundiX: Binance DEX listed Pundi X NEM (NPXSXEM) and trading is open for an NPXSXEM/BNB trading pair at 2019/08/20 2:00 AM (UTC).To further trade on Binance DEX in the near future, you will be required to swap NPXSXEM from Mosaic tokens to BEP2 tokens. 

Paycent: Binance DEX has listed Paycent (PYN) and trading is open for  PYN/BNB trading pair. Before trading the PYN coins, you need to swap from PYN ERC-20 tokens to PYN BEP2 tokens. This can be done in Paycent App. 

MultiVAC: MultiVAC also will be listed on Binance DEX   trading is open for MTV/BNB trading pair at 2019/08/20.

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