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Stocks Falter as Netflix Misses On Domestic Subscribers

Netflix, the  American media-services provider, and production company earlier saw a rise in share prices as International Subscribers increased. However, as per the latest reports, the Netflix share price growth has become stagnant. The stocks closed at 2.4% on Thursday as compared to an 11% gain on Wednesday. 


Netflix management blames the stock decrease on less domestic subscription. Though International subscriber count is increasing, the U.S. domestic subscription is not as expected. The stock further declined on Friday. The Management further accepted competition form AAPL and Disney+ and have started taking precautionary measures.

Stocks Falter as Netflix Misses On Domestic Subscribers
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Stocks Falter as Netflix Misses On Domestic Subscribers
Netflix share price drops down as U.S. Domestic subscription stays stagnant. The streaming company is facing serious competition from AAPL and Disney+
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