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Ethereum’s Latest Hard Fork Muir Glacier Live on Ethereum Mainnet

The upgrade includes EIP 2384 that proposes to delay the ice age on the network.

Ethereum network has successfully completed its latest hard fork, although no official announcement is made. Muir Glacier activated on 2nd Jan 2020 at Block number 9,200,000. This hard fork brings in EIP 2384 improvement proposal. The upgrade will delay the difficulty bomb (known as “ice age”) that was increasing the average mining block time. Further, the update proposes to delay the difficulty bomb for another 4,000,000 blocks (~611 days).

The Muir Glacier hard fork was planned spontaneously due to a miscalculation in Istanbul hard fork. Along with EIP 2384; EIP 2387 also is included in the latest Ethereum hard fork.

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