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Libra “Suffers From its Greatest Asset”, says Ethereum Co-Founder

Libra is a vast and diverse project. However, it is facing restrictions from the day of its proposal in June 2019. Facebook, a giant social media community, has backed the project.

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However, the crypto industry has some regulation issues with Facebook handling Libra. This is because the social media firm has reported mishaps in handling personal data. The Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin commented in a recent interview that Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency Libra “suffers from its greatest asset” i.e. Facebook itself. According to Joseph Lubin, Facebook with the concerns of trust and personal identity should not manage any cryptocurrency project. 

“My only hope for them to actually launch Libra was to launch it in a bunch of small-and-medium-sized nations and bide their time and eventually, launch it in European… and the American nation that is resistant,” said the Ethereum Co-Founder.

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