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Blockchain To Reach 1 Billion Users By End of Decade – Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong spilled out his thoughts about the Blockchain and Crypto industry in a blog post. As per his estimation, 1 billion users will join blockchain by the end of decade as more and more use cases are being invented. As we write, blockchain is already implemented in Financial sector with many firms accepting cryptos instead of fiat. Latest example is the BurgerKing Food giant. 

Also, privacy would be one of the main aspects to be developed in the coming decade. Brian claims that as https was made default on all websites, privacy coins will eventually enter the mainstream adoption. We might see more Central Bank Digital Coins in the market says, Brian.

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Nidhi Kolhapur

Nidhi is a Certified Digital Marketing Executive and Passionate crypto Journalist covering the world of alternative currencies. She shares the latest and trending news on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

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