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Bitfinex to Launch Gold-Backed Stablecoin, says CTO Paolo Ardoino

Bitfinex exchange is all set to launch gold-backed stablecoin within the first quarter of 2020 says Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino. TheBlockCrypto hosted a podcast wherein Paolo Ardoino was the main guest. The main topic of focus was on the exchange transparency and its future plans.

The Bitfinex exchange CTO, while talking in the podcast, discussed the host of new products which also includes “gold-backed stablecoin” or “Tether Gold”. However, the details of the same are unclear at the moment. He says “It’s important that people can see the farther value of having cryptocurrencies rather than just trading back and forth between Bitcoin and USD or whatever.”

Bitfinex to Launch Gold-Backed Stablecoin
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Bitfinex to Launch Gold-Backed Stablecoin
Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino announced the exchange plans to launch gold-backed stablecoin namely, Tether Gold. Details of it are still unknown.
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