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Alchemy PoS Solutions Provides Crypto Payments In The Asian Market

Alchemy and Qfpay provides crypto payment solutions with more than 30 digital assets to Asia retailers

A growing crypto industry demands a bigger Cryptocurrency payment market. Alchemy, a cryptocurrency payment service provider, hopes to provide PoS solutions to Asian retailers. The payment service provider allows customers to pay over 30 digital assets. Alchemy currently supports Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Although, it plans to expand to countries like Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, etc. in the future.

Alchemy has partnered with payment company Qfpay for global recognition. Qfpay has more than 1.2 million merchants globally. This will further help in the worldwide acceptance of Alchemy. With this Alchemy aims to be recognized as “Paypal of Cryptocurrency”.

Alchemy PoS Solutions provides Crypto payments in Asian market
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Alchemy PoS Solutions provides Crypto payments in Asian market
Alchemy, a crypto payment service provider startup is all set to provide cryptocurrency payment solution to the Asian market
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