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Toast Wallet Review

Written by: Q D

February 5, 2020


NameToast Wallet
Wallet typeWeb-based, Mobile-based, hot wallet
Platforms supportedAndroid, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows
Cryptocurrencies supportedRipple (XRP)
Mobile supportYes

Unlike physical wallets, digital wallets do not store the cryptocurrency. Rather, a secure digital code called the private key is stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. There are a number of third-party digital wallets that could hold a single currency or multiple different currencies.

With the launch and increasing market cap of the Ripple XRP currency since 2012, a robust digital wallet for Ripple currency was needed. This need was fulfilled by the Toast Wallet introduced in 2017.

In this article, we will provide the complete aspects of the Toast Wallet and cover points such as its features, fees, set up and installation, and much more. Let us look into this Toast Wallet review in detail now,

What is a Toast Wallet?

Toast is a Ripple (XRP) non-custodial wallet that was founded in 2017. It was created by a company named StarStone Unlimited, based in New Zealand, Dunedin. Toast Wallet is a free, open-source Ripple XRP wallet which is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

One of the positive aspects regarding this wallet is that it is non-hosted, which means you are the only entity that holds the private keys of the wallet. This makes things more secure as important information is less exposed to hacking attempts.

This cross-platform Ripple wallet has a simple to use and intuitive interface and a high level of security, as they do not direct any information or passwords to their servers.

Toast Wallet Features

  1. User interface: The interface has a very simple design. it is extremely easy to navigate and very intuitive. The bottom menu features three tabs: home, send & settings, and you also have the option to set up multiple Ripple addresses.
  2. Backup: You can export a backup of the Toast wallet into a different wallet. This is done by importing the Ripple secret and passphrase. You do need to make a backup of the toast wallet from the settings menu after generating addresses so you can use it later.
  3. Minimum XRP Reserve: As with other Ripple wallets, you need to maintain a minimum balance of 20 XRP in your Toast wallet. You also have to keep a reserve of 5 XRP for each trust line or object in your account.
  4. Security: Toast Wallet is made secure by using a combination of a PIN and a passphrase. These are strongly encrypted and stored in your device using PouchDB.
  5. Customer Support: Customer service in the case of the Toast Wallet, has been commendable. You can reach customer support by using phone, online ticket, and email on You can also reach through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Toast Wallet Fees and Limits

Toast wallet is free and there are no fees. However, there is a 20 XRP minimum reserve which cannot be withdrawn. This is a feature of the Ripple network for the purposes of limiting transaction spam.

In terms of speed, Toast wallet transactions are generally fast. However, like most applications, congestion can occur when many users are trying to process transactions at the same time. There are no limits to how much you can deposit in your wallet, but when withdrawing, you always have to make sure that 20 XRP remains in your wallet.

Toast Wallet Supported Currencies

Toast Wallet supports only one cryptocurrency, Ripple’s XRP token. It can be used by people from all countries.

Toast Wallet is compatible with both desktop and mobile systems. It is being available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as Chrome.

Is Toast Wallet safe?

Toast wallet keeps your data on your device and does not send information to its servers. This is useful for security purposes. It must also be noted that if you lose your phrase or backup then your wallet cannot be retrieved. Therefore it is advised to make backups and store these in safe, preferably offline, locations.

The stored XRP in Toast wallet is protected by strong encryption. The wallet is protected by a PIN, and it also generates a 24-word recovery phrase. The PIN and seed phrase data are kept in a securely encrypted JavaScript open-source database called PouchDB. This runs within your browser plugin and allows you to store data locally when in offline mode.

How to register on Toast Wallet?

Step 1: Download the Toast Wallet version for your device’s operating system.

Step 2: Click on “create a new wallet”.

Step 3: Set up a 6-digit PIN. Enter a passphrase.

Step 4: Set a 6-word recovery phrase. Write it down to use in case you lose both the PIN and the passphrase.

Step 5: Set up a Ripple address by going to “Home Screen” and click on “Add Account”

Step 6: Click on “Generate New Address” or “Add Existing Address” if you own an existing Ripple wallet address.

How to recover the Toast Wallet?

Go to change passphrase in the settings menu. Enter your recovery phrase where it says ‘current passphrase’ then reset your passphrase as normal. Tap the recovery icon at the top right of the PIN entry. Use your recovery phrase to reset your PIN. If it does not work try to restore your backup on PC or browser version and try your recovery phrase there.

How to send funds on Toast Wallet?

Step 1: Click on the “Send screen”.

Step 2: In the “To Address” field, enter the Ripple address of the receiver.

Step 3: Put 0 in the “Destination Tag” field if you are sending it to a personal wallet. Sending to an exchange wallet usually requires a destination tag.

Step 4: “The Invoice ID” is an optional field.

Step 5: Enter in the respective field the amount of XRP you want to send.

Step 6: Click on “Pay”.

How to receive funds on Toast Wallet?

Step 1: Click on the “Recieve screen”.

Step 2: In the “To Address” field, enter the Ripple address.

Step 3: Put 0 in the “Destination Tag” field if you are sending it to a personal wallet. Sending to an exchange wallet usually requires a destination tag.

Step 4: “The Invoice ID” is an optional field.

Step 5: Enter in the respective field the amount of XRP you want to receive.

Step 6: Click on “Pay”.

Toast Wallet Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • open-source software
  • dedicated and responsive support
  • multiple XRP wallet capabilities
  • supports backup


  • 20 XRP activation and reserve
  • no blockchain features
  • Supports only XRP
  • The wallet can only be accessed from the initial set up device


Considering the features and use of Toast Wallet, it is an ideal option for storing XRP. Users can enjoy a user-friendly interface, as well as dedicated and responsive support. However, they have to take into account that the wallet can only be accessed from the initial set up device.

The Toast Wallet is seen as being one of the best Ripple wallets and is a trusted means of securely storing your XRP tokens. The code is open source which helps developers to verify the quality of the code. It can be used on a number of different platforms and is a great solution if you want a Ripple desktop wallet.

Recent Updates

  • On June 18, 2020, Toast Wallet was removed from App Stores in protest at the abysmal treatment of community developers by Ripple
  • On June 28, 2020, If you need to restore a Toast Wallet backup code in order to migrate to another wallet please check on the browser version.
  • On June 29, 2020, The final builds before Toast shut down will be placed into the GitHub repository for anyone who needs access to them
  • On June 30, 2020, Existing Toast Wallet installs will continue to work indefinitely on all devices, as they do not depend on any central server

Toast wallet - 8.2



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