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Toast Wallet Review

Are you in search of the best crypto wallet to keep your cryptocurrency coins safe?

With growing cryptocurrencies in popularity over recent years, crypto enthusiasts now have more choices than ever when it comes to wallets and other services.

While researching my eyes caught a trustworthy wallet –  Toast Wallet

But what features does the wallet offer? Is it secure? And how user-friendly is it? Let’s inspect this wallet to see all that it offers and find out if it’s the right fit for you. So let’s begin with Toast Wallet review

Ripple (XRP) is the third highest cryptocurrency in the market according to the coin market cap.

In the recent month, the price skyrocketed by +977% where people who’ve invested in XRP are enjoying the great profit.

If you are planning to invest or trade Ripple (XRP), you can go for the Toast wallet to store your coins. The Toast is truly designed as a reliable ripple wallet.

The official website claims:

We’ve set out to build a truly cross-platform Ripple wallet that’s simple enough for your grandma but safe enough for a Swiss banker. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed building it!

What Is Toast Wallet?

Toast Wallet is an open source cryptocurrency wallet for the Ripple payment system. The updates are always seen on the Toast Wallet with many new enhancements to the platform!

03-Jun-2018: PC and browser versions have been updated for full trust line support.

Notice: Please take a backup from your Toast Wallet’s settings menu after you have added all your addresses, and store it in a safe place. You will need this to recover your XRP if your device fails. Your recovery code is the second passphrase, it is not a backup. You need to make a backup from the settings menu as well!

Who Is Behind Toast Wallet?

Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t offer much detail about who created it or are currently working on it.

The only information available is that “Toast Wallet is the creation of a software startup company- StarStone Limited based in New Zealand”.

StarStone has also placed limited information on its website. The site mentions Richard Holland as a StarStone director.

On the bright side, the address is legitimate. The StarStone website showcases a certificate that the firm is indeed a registered corporation as of July 2017.

They are a software company that has one app namely “Toast Wallet”. The other piece of information available is a couple of sentences conveying their hope that “Toast Wallet grows into a respected cryptocurrency brand along by helping the growth of StarStone brand”.

Toast Wallet Platform

These are the set of features that you can actually explore on this platform!

Toast Platform

Toast Platform 1

How to Use the Toast Wallet?

  • Download the application on the system. During the installation process, you need to enter a 6-digit PIN code.
  • Enter your PIN, and then the software asks you to enter the passphrase. Enter the passphrase and write down the recovery phrase of 6 words somewhere safe.
  • Review and confirm you have written the phrase correctly, go ahead and add an account.
  • You get the 2 options: Add an existing account or generate a new one.
  • When you generate a new account, it gives you an address which you will need to send you’re Ripple to.

Activate Wallet

To activate wallet you have to send 20 XRP to the new address. If you send less than that, the payment will bounce.

To check out how well the wallet works, deposit 21 XRP and then send back 1 XRP to the source wallet. By testing this you can figure it out whether Toast wallet is a good option for you or not!

Toast Wallet Encryption

The wallets protect the funds using a passphrase and a PIN code. This information is saved in PouchDB– an open source database, enables you to store data offline.

You should write down the recovery phrase as it helps to recover your wallet. There is an encrypted backup feature using which you can sync the wallet with the devices.


You need to maintain a reserve of 20 Ripple in the Ripple wallet which you cannot withdraw. This is not only with the Toast wallet; all active wallets must hold a minimum balance of 20 XRP, which is a requirement of the Ripple Network. However, the reserve feature helps to prevent spam.

Toast Wallet Fees

The wallet is free of cost and the platform doesn’t charge any fee!

Is Ripple Wallet Safe?

You can trust the wallet for the following reasons:

  • All the information stored in the wallet, the company’s server does not back up any of your data
  • The wallet protects your wallet by using a passphrase and a PIN. [Don’t lose them]

Customer Support

You can reach the customer support via email, phone, online ticket, Discord or social media. The support team seems reliable as you don’t need to wait long for receiving the response.

Handling Speed

The transactions are fast, however, might take some time due to the network congestion.

Pros and Cons


Convenience: It is easy to access your crypto regardless of place and time from your mobile device. 

Easy Transactions: There is a feature of scanning a QR code to send or receive payments. Scanning isn’t possible with a desktop wallet.


Prone to Hacking:  wallets are also susceptible to attacks by hackers. you can always be attacked by someone on the internet who can gain access to your private and public keys and thus steal all your crypto.

Loss of Device: It is also a common occurrence to lose your phone and thus lose all access to your funds if someone gets your private keys.

Last Verdict

For Ripple users, Toast Wallet is an option worth exploring. It is easy to use with a simple interface. So, you can start up with this wallet.

One thing to know with a good deal of certainty: The Toast Wallet is safe to use as it operates only on the Ripple Network, so we are secure here. Perhaps more importantly, the wallet seems to have a positive impression within the Ripple community.

Toast Wallet Rating

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