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Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Review: Recently Introduced as Edge Wallet

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    From the very beginning, Airbitz famed itself from the market’s run-of-the-mill bitcoin wallet. An Airbitz wallet has been a popular choice for old pros and crypto newbies alike.

    It is a beginner-friendly bitcoin wallet that provides a comprehensive directory on bitcoin-accepting business nearby you, security features, and an easy-to-use interface.

    Airbitz bitcoin wallet allows you to safely buy, sell and store bitcoin right on the mobile device. Airbitz digital wallet was re-launched as an “Edge Wallet”, presenting with a modular architecture that interacts with any existing digital asset.

    Learn more about the Airbitz digital bitcoin wallet.

    Airbitz Digital Bitcoin Wallet Review



    Edge Wallet (Formerly Known as Airbitz)

    Entirely re-mastered and rebuilt, Edge Wallet makes out easy ways for blockchain developers to club in the wallet via a simple plugin.

    At launch, Edge Wallet will transact a number of digital assets, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Wings, Matryx, and Augur REP.

    Edge is the new face of the decentralized web. You can sign up for the limited access beta release of Edge Wallet.


    What is Airbitz?

    It offers hierarchical deterministic (HD) and two-factor authentication as a security measures. Airbitz wallet protects the transaction data and funds from third parties. This specifies that no one can access your personal data within the Airbitz digital wallet.

    Apart from scanning QR codes, the Airbitz bitcoin wallet supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transfer funds. Account registration is fast and simple without skipping essential security features.

    The digital wallet supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and 140+ fiat currency exchange rates.

    Airbitz Business Directory gives you a map of all bitcoin-accepting work near you. This facet makes Edge wallet one of the unique bitcoin wallets around.

    • Available for Android and Apple iPhone.
    • Currently does not support desktop.

    Airbitz Fees

    Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Fees

    You can download Airbitz digital wallet on your mobile device for free. Bitcoin transaction fees associates with the bitcoin network. It depends upon the things like congestion and the size of the transaction.


    Airbitz Wallet Features

    Airbitz offers multiple transfer features for traders. Let’s see which those are:

    • QR code for inbound and outbound Bitcoin transfers;
    • Email and SMS to send/receive Bitcoin to the wallet address;
    • Near-field communication as bitcoins transfer channel;
    • Pay using Bluetooth (BLE) without QR codes

    Bluetooth feature

    Some additional facets include:

    • Hierarchical deterministic wallets that modify address codes;
    • Buy and sell bitcoin feature available via bank transfers;
    • Unencrypted data is never saved in the mobile device
    • BIP 70 Payment Protocol Support
    • Quick 2-tap UI to transfer funds between wallets
    • Configurable PIN-requiring spending limits
    • Built in calculator for easy conversions
    • Integration with address book to auto-complete “payee name” and “photo”

    Quick Tour: Using Airbitz Digital Wallet

    1. Download the Airbitz app on your device via Google Play or App Store.
    2. Click “Sign Up” button to begin with the registration process.
    3. Give a username to the account.
    4. Enter your PIN code and password.
    5. Click “Request” button to get the BTC address.
    6. Register your Airbitz account in any exchange platforms.
    7. Make transactions and get BTC directly to your wallet.

    Now, let switch to the Airbitz functions and features one by one!

    Airbitz features

    How to Use Airbitz Digital Bitcoin Wallet?

    Initially, you have two choices for bitcoin funding of the Airbitz account balance.

    • The first option: buy coins from “Buy” option is possible via the vendor “Glidera”, where bank transfers accept buying method.
    • The second option: Get bitcoin from any exchanges that are not directly linked to Airbitz, like LocalBitcoins or Coinbase. You have to provide your BTC address code and receive the crypto in your wallet.

    Airbitz Digital Bitcoin Wallet Setup

    The first step is to download the app on the device.

    Edge wallet Setup

    Click “Sign Up” button and set a username for the account.

    Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Sign Up

    Enter your customized PIN code and password. Write it down on a paper and store it in a safe place.

    customized PIN code

    Now, the account registration is done and you can send/receive bitcoins. The account will look something like this:

    ready to send and receive bitcoins

    Get Bitcoin Address

    Since the Airbitz wallet is hierarchical deterministic, you have to request address for every transactions. This is a security measure to protect the account from cyber threats. To get the address, click on “Request” and copy the code at the bottom of the page displayed on your phone.

    Get Bitcoin Address

    You can also use the QR code and send it to the partner you want to get bitcoins from.

    Send Bitcoin Payments

    On the “Receive” tab location, click on “Menu” at the top left corner of the phone screen.

    Send BTC Payments

    Choose the options “Scan QR Code” and use the picture your partner has sent you earlier. Once done, the address shows up and redirects you to the confirmation page. Here you can verify the transaction prior to sending bitcoin to the desired location.

    Add Funds to Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet

    As discussed before, you have two options. Firstly, use built-in purchase method from Airbitz Digital Bitcoin Wallet and get bitcoins.

    Add Funds to Airbitz Wallet

    Secondly, by registering on any exchange platform and directly receiving bitcoin to your Airbitz wallet.

    Airbitz Digital Wallet- User Support

    The Edge wallet offers email and phone contacts for the bugs concerns and transaction issues. The digital wallet also provides blog posts, general news for the bitcoin community with several wallet features.

    Airbitz User Support

    The users’ reviews and reaction so far is positive. There has been no major issue noticed on Reddit comments. The response time is quick and the issues are not very frequent.

    Airbitz wallet Secure

    Is Airbitz Wallet Safe?

    Airbitz digital wallet offers high levels of security, privacy, and decentralization to secure the bitcoin wallet.

    The Edge wallet itself is backed up, auto-encrypted, and can even work when its server goes down.


    Recent Updates:

    Oct 2, 2019: Edge Wallet Partners With Bity to Offer Non-KYC Fiat Exchanges

    Aug 22, 2019: Edge, the multi-cryptocurrency wallet app, announced that the very latest release v1.8.9, includes two new options on the in-app exchange function: Safello and Bits of Gold.

    Aug 17, 2019: Edge cryptocurrency wallet has launched a new funding round on investment platform BnkToTheFuture, it is being led by Bitmex Ventures and Fenbushi Capital.

    Jul 11, 2019: Digital wallet operator Edge announced that it has integrated two new options – LibertyX and MoonPay. Both additions will enable Edge wallet users to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with fiat money.

    Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Review

    Airbitz has been recognized as the most effective and easy to use Bitcoin wallet with exclusive features. The characteristics of this digital wallet are discussed above which proves it simple, user-friendly and good enough to give it a try!

    Due to rapidly emerging crypto environment, we keep updating information grabbing all the latest trends. I welcome you to stay in touch for more such updates!

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    Is Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet same as Edge Wallet?

    Yes, Edge Wallet is the new face of Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet.

    What is Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet?

    Airbitz is a beginner-friendly bitcoin wallet that offers security features, an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive directory of bitcoin-accepting businesses near you.

    What currencies do Airbitz support?

    Airbitz supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and over 140 fiat currency exchange rates.

    Can I use Airbitz on my desktop computer?

    Airbitz is only available on mobile devices because website infrastructure is notoriously difficult to secure from hackers.

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