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Mintfort Portfolio Tracker

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    Mint Portfolio Tracker allows anyone to track cryptocurrency portfolio in real time by just adding the APIs of your exchange accounts. It allows you to automatically add and delete coins in your portfolio so you avoid manual processes.

    Mintfort Portfolio Tracker

    How does Mintfort Portfolio Tracker work?

    The application syncs with user’s crypto exchange accounts by use of API keys although they hope to add wallet addresses soon. You first generate the API key in your exchange account using or following this guide and then fill it into the Mintfort app and wait for the sync to take place.

    Mintfort Portfolio account

    It saves keys to the user’s device.

    The good thing about this tracker is that they are building a whole ecosystem of money management, payment and investment so there is more to expect in the future for those willing to extend support to their clients and businesses.

    Setting up the API key on exchanges

    First, you can easily set up Mintfort crypto portfolio tracker for Binance portfolio or portfolio on any other exchange. This short description explains how you can do it on Kraken exchange.

    You first log in to your Kraken account. Go to the Settings, and then from the tabs just below the main menu, you can local API tab. Click on that tab to enter API Key Management section. Scroll down and locate and click Generate New Key.

    Mintfort Portfolio

    You then proceed to set the preferences, which include Query Funds, Deposit Funds, Withdraw Funds, e.t.c. For instance, you could leave out the Withdraw Funds option if the intention is to use the tracker as a portfolio tracker only.

    Other settings include setting on/off the key expiration and query start or end date/time. Click Generate Key to proceed and get both the API key and the Private key.

    Mintfort Portfolio Tracker

    Once you have the key, come to add it in the application and let it do the rest.


    The crypto tracking portfolio application works on macOS and Windows with the Linux coming soon. They currently support most of the main crypto exchanges including Binance, Gemini, GDAX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, OKEX, Bittrex, Poloniex, Huobi, UpBit, and HitBTC. They also hope to add further exchanges and wallets in future.

    The application is simple and easy to set up.

    As said, they are working on other solutions such as payment where a customer will be able to carry out a number of banking and investment operations. They will have smart lending, peer-to-peer transfers, smart exchange for digital assets, AI trading bots, tokenized fund and a wallet.

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