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    After seeing all time highs in 2017, the crypto market has seen the crypto bears in 2018. While in 2018, most of the crypto investors looked very keenly at their portfolios, biting their nails and pulling off their hair. While some traders have taken a better advantage of the bearish  market as well. They did so buy selling the highs and buying back the lows.

    Now is the time to dive into the world of myriad cryptocurrency portfolio trackers like Cryptoport which appears to be best suited for your daily use…

    What Is CryptoPort?

    CryptoPort is an Android and iOS application that allows users to monitor and manage their portfolio easily and effortlessly. The cryptocurrency supports the popular coins and lets users customize their coin lists. You can also view popular rankings for popular coins.


    The crypto portfolio tracking tool allows you to view balances for your portfolio. You then can easily calculate profits and losses for each of the synced wallets. You are also able to summarize the total value of your investment.

    With this application, you are able to sync your balances from multiple exchanges and even import data in several ways. The exchanges supported are about 20 and includes the popular ones such as Coinbase, GDAX, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, and Bittrex.

    If the exchange is not supported, then it is possible to include your data manually. You are also able to sync your unpaid mining balance from your mining pool. It also provides a pie chart for holding percentage analysis.

    The crypto tracking portfolio tool allows users to view their balances and value of cryptocurrencies in their local currencies. You can switch among altcoin holding, bitcoin price and your local currencies. This will eliminate the need to keep doing conversions.

    How It Works?

    CryptoPort Review

    The app converts the balances to USD but you can also change to your local currency if you want.

    To add the portfolio, click the “wallets” button and then select the “Exchange Wallet Sync” button. You are able to add the exchange name by selecting from the list of available exchanges. For instance, the Gemini exchange, then select or leave unselected the “Realize profit/loss” as well as add the API key and the secret manually. Click on “Add wallet.”

    Selecting “Private Wallet” lets you add a name to your wallet. You can then select the coin and add the wallet address. Clicking OK after this allows the app to pull off data about the number of tokens you own in USD.

    The overview tab allows you to see price changes in the last 24 hours and 1 hour. First, it shows you the percentage change of the portfolio in the last 1 hour and in the last 24 hours. It will also show you a pie-chart sort of that indicates the percentage value of each of the coins you have in the portfolio.

    You are also to see a list of coins and their price movement changes in the last24 hours as well as the current price.

    The watch list allows you to check the market cap for each of the coins under watch as well as the price change percentages in the last 24 hours. It comes out in USD but you can also change it into BTC or your preferred base currency.

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