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Crypto Tracker Bot Review

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Crypto Tracker Bot is the only Android app that offers users real-time push notifications when new currencies get listed on the most influential exchanges in the world.

    The crypto tracking tool will search for news, rumors, and info related to new currencies getting listed on the most influential exchanges and bring it to you where you are, and on-the-go

    Want to know more about this crypto bot, let me walk you through a detailed Crypto Tracker Bot review.

    What is CryptoTracker Bot?

    Crypto Tracker Bot is an iOS and Android app that provides real-time push notifications for cryptocurrencies that list on the most influential crypto exchanges.

    With the app, the bot notifies users typically before public announcements giving users more time to analyze volume and price action of the notified coin.

    Thus, traders are able to stay ahead of price and market information and take necessary actions and decisions before everyone else does.

    The Crypto Tracker Bot founding members are based in Los Angeles.

    Features of CTB –

    A “List” notification indicates trading has started while a “Test” notification means wallets are open and exchange is accepting deposits but no trading volume yet.

    In addition to all the above, you get crypto market data such as coin ranking, market cap, 24-hour volume for each coin, the price for each coin and the percentage change in 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days.

    For instance, the trending coins are shortlisted as top 150 coins ranked by % price change (1 hour, 1 day or 7 days). You can get details on each of them including official websites.

    Chart Climber

    The platform introduced the Chart Climber feature in May 2018. Traders can also access the top 300 tokens based on their gain/loss in Market Cap ranking, and this helps you to analyze their performance over a given period of time.

    Coin Watch

    This feature allows users to track and receive notifications from a specific currency. Just set a custom push notification for your favorite coin and reduce unwanted noise.

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    How CTB works?

    Push Notifications

    The push notifications are sent to you when a cryptocurrency is listed. There is no specific time for adding and for alerts, therefore. With Crypto Tracker Bot, you are able to enable and disable certain crypto exchanges for which you want to get alerts when crypto is added to that particular exchange. 

    To do this, 

    • click on the Bell Icon on the upper right-hand corner, 
    • click the exchange to turn on/off 
    • click Save.

    The crypto tracking tool will search for news, rumors, and info related to new currencies getting listed on the most influential exchanges and bring it to you where you are, and on-the-go. You also get push notifications when a currency has the potential to be listed in the future. These notifications are in real-time.

    For particular cases, notifications may delay due to battery service and cell service. Hence, you can check what to do here for each of the mobile phone types you might expect delays on notifications.

    Add coins

    You are able to also add a particular coin of choice to watch, on the crypto portfolio tracking tool. 

    • Click the Bell icon on the upper right-hand corner, 
    • then select up to 20 coins and 
    • click save.

    You can also add your custom coin with this tool. Clicking on the green checkmark lets you deselect a coin. Click save after this. The Coin Watch feature allows you to track only specific cryptocurrencies on exchanges and filter out the notification noise. Nevertheless, you are able to set custom push notification sounds for each coin.

    Drawback of CTB

    The main and most important drawback of this bot is that it is not Free.

    Users have to shell out a minimum amount to purchase the app from Google Playstore.

    Supported exchanges

    The crypto tracker supports multiple exchanges.


    – Binance

    – Bitfinex


    – Bitstamp

    – Bittrex

    – Bit-Z

    – Coinbase

    – Coinnest

    – Coinone


    – GDAX

    – GOPAX

    – HADAX

    – HitBTC

    – Huobi

    – IDEX

    – Koinex

    – Kucoin

    – Kraken

    – LBank

    – OKEx

    The tracker platform plans to add more exchanges to the list.

    Verdict – Crypto Tracker Bot Review

    The Crypto Tracker Bot is simple to use, simple to understand. Team has done a great job on making it user friendly and intuitive.



    1. Simple & Very Useful App
    2. Can customize notifications


    1. Application crashes frequently.
    2. The app is not free
    3. Unwanted altcoins added that have less market life.
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