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Cryptagon Recent Updates

Cryptagon has shut down. The website has put up a notice about the service closure. The reason being lack of a better business service model.


Cryptagon provides a macro and micro performance overview for your crypto portfolio. Features include automatic integration with Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, GDAX, Gemini, HitBTC, Kraken, Liqui, or Poloniex.

With this tool, you are able to review the portfolio and holdings, workout versus gains you are yet to get. You can also calculate the rate of return on your investment.

How Cryptagon works?

The crypto tracking tool works by allowing users to import their wallets from exchanges. It brings on automatic sync of wallets on many exchanges.

You are also able to set up and manage alerts and notifications relating to your portfolio. It also allows users to create custom sub-portfolios where you are able to customize groups of your choice. For instance, you can customize recent ICOs, swing trading, long-holdings etc.

It is also possible to deal with API keys on the platform although it is important to understand how to set up the keys. For instance, they recommend setting read only permission on any API key shared on the platform. You can add any API key by accessing the add data screen and following the instruction on the screen one by one on how to use read only API keys.

Other features

With Cryptagon, you are able to sign up with your email and can also login with your Blockstack account. Blockstack is a new Internet for decentralized apps where users own their identity. With it, you are able to sign in to apps locally without remote servers or identity providers. It also uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for simple peer-to-peer payments.

Currently, it supports over 2000 cryptocurrencies/altcoins and wallet imports and automatic exchange.

This crypto portfolio tracking tool provides you with automatic syncing with the trader’s portfolio on major exchanges. It also has notification service to subscribers. Directing syncing with trader’s portfolio is one of the unique feature of Cryptogon.

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