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CoinLoop crypto portfolio tracking tool

CoinLoop allows users to manage their crypto portfolio. However, it also sets eyes at becoming a one-stop shop for crypto investors. It brings users different news from several outlets, events updates, and portfolio tracking.

Other features include trading analytical tools, market signals and more — all packed in a single user-friendly dashboard. Thus, it helps crypto traders stay on the market top with latest and historical information alike.

Features and how it works

It features a holdings tracker, news, Twitter & Reddit feed, TA charting tools, an events calendar and a machine learning bot. The bot can interpret signals and predict price movements.

It also features a web and app application.

With the first section, namely the portfolio tracker, you are able to list any coins to your holdings. You then can track its price movements over a period of one day, one week, a month or year or all time.

However, you cannot add buy/sell values in order to track your gains or losses. This means tools such as Blockfolio are superior here.

The second section allows you to track coin performance and displays top 5 gainers and losers having a market cap greater than $50 million over either 1H, 1D or 1W time period.

The third section has Loop AI Signals. This is a feed providing market view incorporating news from different sources. The common sources include CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk, but there are feeds from top posts from Reddit and Twitter.

Signals AI is a bot that gathers information on the market and predicts about whether to buy or sell specific coins. It gathers data and information from both traditional technical price analysis as well as social signals.


In addition to having a sleek interface that is well-designed and easy to use and navigate, adding coins is very simple. This is when you compare to Delta and Blockfolio. Again, there are many more options for what crypto you want to display your portfolio in.

It helps you stay informed with a data table like that of CoinMarketCap — with metrics like price, market cap, and trade volumes. There is also advanced charting tools that you can use to do technical analysis. Besides, a calendar helps you keep on top of the upcoming events such as airdrops, announcements, and conferences. This is in addition to helping you stay informed thanks to the popular news outlets, Reddit & Twitter.


Nevertheless, some of the challenges include the fact that there is not much in the way of portfolio analysis. This is when you compare to competitor cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tools. CoinLoop misses has only the 24h change figure. Also, there is no option to look at change over time or add specific buy/sell prices to track profit & loss for specific coins.

You are also unable to click on, from the table of coins, individual coins to check price and volume on different exchanges. It is not possible to set the price chart to custom data ranges or view Bitcoin/ALTcoin dominance and similar stats.

The free Signals intelligence tool is not reliable with just one report showing results from the signals trade bot. The new Premium Intelligence paid option provides more details though.

Also, calendar lacks ICO information.

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What is

CoinLoop allows users to manage their crypto portfolio. It brings users different news from several outlets, events updates, and portfolio tracking.

What coins does the CoinLoop support?

The platform supports BTC, ETH, XRP, and many major coins.

How CoinLoop differ from any other crypto aggregators?

Apart from news aggregators, CoinLoop provides info about signals, coins, bitcoin futures, crypto events, etc.

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